Literary Match Bout Review: McBride Delivers Smackdown To Hoffman

From the opening paragraph of the short story Kill All Your Darlings, it’s quite evident that Tracie McBride has administered a sound literary beatdown on Kenneth Hoffman’s Up in Smoke – on stylistic grounds, if for no other reason. But alas, there are quite a number of other good, solid reasons to prefer McBride’s tale [...]

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PatronQuo Literary Review of “Forgiven”

The author of the short story, Forgiven, wants you to know that yes, indeed, it is a wonderful life out there – even if we, the readers, must navigate a tempestuous sea of typos, sentence fragments, and expository dialogue to get his uplifting message of peace and salvation. Though some might regard Forgiven as an uplifting [...]

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Update: Fiction Writer Match Bout Standings

Whether the literary community wakes up to it or not, continues to blaze its trail of innovation online with its new Literary Match Bout feature. The PatronQuo Match Bout Standings chart is now up on the Stats page (the bottom chart). Here, you can view which tales have kicked the most [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions For Literary Match Bout Voting

All the answers to the questions you have about our innovative new Literary Match Bout feature on what it is, how it works, and why you should vote. I. WHAT IT IS AND HOW IT WORKS What exactly is a literary match bout? A literary match bout is a contest between any two short stories or [...]

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Funny New Death Match Banners To Spice Up Your Writer Websites and Blogs

Now that we’re running literary death match bouts 24/7 for every tale submitted on, we thought it apt to roll out our new funky promotional death match banners. Feel free to copy the codes below and decorate your web sites and book blogs with these sunny little messages from . LITERARY DEATH MATCHES [...]

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It’s Here! Match Bout Record Charts For All Novel and Short Story Submissions is setting the standard for all book and short story submission websites with its pioneering launch of a Match Bout Record chart appended at the foot of every featured tale. A Match Bout Record chart is a reader-sourced tool that provides writers, literary agents, publishers, fans, and prospective patrons a valuable guide as to which [...]

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Captivated Murder

by Mitchel Rose

I: Homecoming

Garment City, 1948

Category: Novel  /  Cumulative Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 47  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 47
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an incestuous night

by dan cisor

An incestuous night


Category: Short story  /  Cumulative Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 174  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 174
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Hanging Wasp

by Cori Jones


She figures she has an eating disorder, but what the fuck. After all, she spits. It goes like this: she never eats more than half of her regular meals. Divides the stuff on her plate--veggies, meat, pizza, whatever--into The Half that goes into Her Stomach and The Half that Goes into the Garbage. But she’s always on guard against sweets, which she spits. She buys a whole cake, or a dozen donuts, maybe a whole box of gourmet cookies. Shuts herself somewhere secret, chews everything up, spits it all into a wad of napkins. Never swallows anything buttery, sugary; brushes her teeth--twice if it’s chocolate--when she’s finished. Never pukes. Been spitting ever since Harvard, ever since everything with Ann and the note she found under her pillow. Dearest Vinca, I’m leaving Harvard. I feel dishonorable and awful. I’m leaving you some notebooks you might find helpful. Love always, Ann. Does spitting count? She knows it’s not like sticking her finger down her throat five times a day or going on a water diet for three months so she can get down to seventy-two pounds. Still, she wonders if it does count for anything. Lately, she’s started spitting out half her dinner and breakfast too: eggs, meat, all the things that build your body up. But who would she ask about spitting? Mum? Mum would wipe away a tear (Crying, she once told Vinca, was too Irish.) and tell Vinca about all the years she spent wishing she could get off chemo and keep food down and now her daughter tells her this? Then she’d sigh, shake her head. At least I raised you to be polite. Just remember that people like us are always polite. But, Lovey, you’ve got to watch that mouth of yours. You spent too much time before college listening to nasty language in Harvard Square. Language? What language? During those days at Harvard Vinca heard about five new words an hour: metaphysical, punctilious, cryptic, quandary, postmodern. She had no idea what they meant or how a person could pull them out of their brain and use them. No way she’d picked up nasty language at Harvard. Actually, she hadn’t even picked it up in the Square, although she’d hung there with plenty of burnouts when she was fifteen, sixteen, seventeen. She knew that her nasty language came out of Mum’s cancer. It started when she met Jerome Washington at Dana Farber, the cancer hospital that sits practically on top of Roxbury. Jerome used to hang at the main entrance, wearing cool shades and baggy shorts that hung down past his knees, talking nonstop in a soft rap rhythm. Big C hit and Man that’s spooky. You got pukey. Big C-pukey. Keep that food in your belly in your belly in your belly. Buy from me and your mind’s gonna float. Suck that pukey up in smoke. Smoke. Smoke. Weed. Right here. Vinca started hanging with Jerome when he became Mum’s regular pot-dealer. She used to meet him at the Roxbury Crossing T or on a bench down where Brattle meets Mount Auburn. They hung together for maybe two years, until the day he disappeared and she never saw him again.

Category: Novel  /  Cumulative Earnings: $340.00   Rank: 1  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 1
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by Alex Bennett

Maybe it was the thought of his mother’s tiffany lamp but, for some reason he found his mind wandered briefly to thoughts of friends and family. He could count the combined group all on one hand. Being so few you might think they’d be close but, none knew what his job or skill was. Yes, skill it was. He saw himself as a craftsman in his field. However whatever pride he felt for what he did he couldn’t tell them. Only certain people could know. Namely, past, present and potential clients.

Time to check things he decided. He picked up the case and carried it over to the desk and placed it on top. Click, Click went the cases locks as he adjusted them to the opening combination, of 08-09-65 (his birthday) Not very original, but he liked it. He lifted the lid and then the padded cover beneath to reveal the tools of his trade. There, carefully packed in its dismantled form was a sniper rifle. Yes, his job was a paid assassin or as he preferred, a facilitator, who cleaned up and sorted out other people’s problems. The fact that the problems were people had never really bothered him. Although, as a rule he would never accept a job where the target was a woman. He guessed that in one way or another, the target had done something to deserve it. Never ask too many questions about your target. As long as you have enough information to do the job and the right tools to do it then that’s fine. That was his rule.

Category: Short story  /  Cumulative Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 117  /  Month's Earnings: $0.00   Rank: 117

All-Time Patron Rankings:

Rank Name
1Cori Jones
2Tony Ferrero
4Stuart Ackerman
6Holly Jahangiri
7Jean Irizarry
8Heather Kephart
9Jason Cook
10Ellen Pall

All-Time Author Earnings:

Amount Name
$340.00Cori Jones
$106.00Holly Jahangiri
$60.00J. Leland Kupferberg
$15.00Paul Beckman
$15.00Andrea Helaine
$15.00Tracie McBride
$15.00Salvatore Buttaci
$10.00Lazar Goldshlager
$10.00Maria Elizabeth Romana
$5.00Isabella Nativ

All-Time Novel Earnings:

Amount Title
$340.00Hanging Wasp by Cori Jones
$10.00Little Miss Straight Lace by Maria Elizabeth Romana
$5.00Ruby Sun by Paige Owen 

All-Time Short story Earnings:

Amount Title
$106.00The Trouble with Oliver by Holly Jahangiri
$40.00Up and Over by J. Leland Kupferberg
$20.00Craftsman's Volley by J. Leland Kupferberg
$15.00Get Off The Couch, Ann Landers! by Paul Beckman
$15.00Angel of Death by Andrea Helaine
$15.00Kill All Your Darlings by Tracie McBride
$15.00The Drummer Yusipov by Salvatore Buttaci
$10.00Tales of The Hang Buddy by Lazar Goldshlager
$5.00Bedtime Story by Isabella Nativ
$5.00Skin for Skin by Jonathan Papernick

Match Bout Standings:

Rank Title Matches Leading
1Benjie Boy81.82%
2The Pens81.82%
3The Hand of God80.00%
4Angel of Death76.47%
5Near Death75.00%
6One of Those Days72.22%
9Tales of The Hang Buddy65.38%
10Wreck of the Marie Jenny65.00%

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