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In the days before commercial media and mass advertising, aspiring artists depended on the support of patrons in order to get their work out there, to ensure that they could continue to eat while honing their craft. The patron, in turn, had the prestige of being widely known as a supporter and enabler of the artist's work.

In today's ultra-competitive environment, a whole middle-man industry of agents, publishers, and producers has cropped up in order to determine who gets noticed and who doesn't. But shouldn't you have a say as to who gets up to bat, and who deserves to eat while creating great art? The purpose of this site is to allow any member of the public - be they an individual fan or any small or large business - to determine which art and artists are worthy of their public support.

If you feel that a particular artist or work is worthy of greater attention, now is your chance to help that artist or work to jump the queue and reach a wider audience - and, best of all, have your own name attached as a patron supporter of that artist and work.  

Here is your chance to determine which work stands out best.  Not only will you be helping your favorite artist to get noticed, to be financially rewarded for their great work, but here is also your chance to direct the artist's fans to facts about you, the patron.  Because, ultimately, this is your site, too.  The Patron.  Your name can be out there, front and center with the artist's name.  And because many Internet browsers love "box office" stats, your performance rankings as a patron can be tracked by visitors, too, along with the artists you support.  Visitors can click on your name wherever it shows up on this site, and visit your own Patron Page, to learn more about you or your business or web site or blog or Facebook page.

It's advertising yourself...with an artistic twist.  And best of all, you determine how much it's all worth to you.

To set up your new patron account, click here.

If you already have a patron account, the various artist works on the site randomly revolve on the home page each time you refresh it.  Simply click on the artist work for which you wish to be known as a patron.

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