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Grandma's Secret Journey

by Virginia 


It is the first week of summer vacation. I sat by the window and stared at the clock while patiently waiting for grandma to pick me up. She is taking me on a trip to a special place.

I have never been on an airplane before. Grandma described this airplane as a bit unusual and one that is able to fly us to this special place.

As we approached the airport, I began to get butterflies in my stomach. I asked Grandma to sit me near the window so that I could see everything as we take off. The pilot instructed us to buckle our seat belts and prepare for take-off. “This is so cool,” I thought. The higher we climbed, the smaller everything got. The cars, trucks and houses shrunk into miniature figures. The ground looked like a giant ant farm.

"Ouch, my ears are hurting," I cried.

Grandma told me that the changes in the altitude caused my ears to pop, so she gave me chewing gum and said it would help the popping in my ears go away.

Suddenly, the plane began jumping, jiggling and wiggling around, shaking us as if we were inside a mixer. The reading lights above me were flickering.

"I'm scared Grandma," I cried.

She took my hand and held it tightly. Suddenly, everything went back to normal. The lights came on and the shaking stopped. I looked out of my window and saw the black sky and thousands of stars. Then, something zoomed passed my window; it looked like a shooting star.

I heard the Captain over the loud speaker tell us to buckle-up and prepare for landing.

"Landing...where are we going to land?" I asked.

I did not see any airport, only a black sky and thousands of twinkling stars. I looked out of my window again and saw brilliant lights of yellow, purple, orange and red. As we grew closer, the lights began to change taking the form of buildings. I closed my eyes and held Grandma's hand as the plane descended.

I could not wait to see where we had landed. As Grandma and I walked closer to the exit, I heard strange voices.

"Welcome friends...welcome to our planet Amdnarg.”

I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. It was real and so were the strange, little people that gathered around the plane. They had little orange faces with big green eyes. Their hands and feet were long and skinny. They had weird, pointy ears that curved at the tips. The tallest one appeared to be the leader of Amdnarg. He calls himself Argus.

"Would you care to try some cookies and our special juice?" Argus asked.

They looked like normal cookies and they smelled good.

"Sure, I'll try one...hmm…yummy, I've never tasted cookies like these before."

“They taste like, chocolate and roasted marshmallows…no wait. They taste more like strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Hey, these cookies keep changing flavors.” I said in disbelief.

I stuffed some extra cookies into my pockets for later. Grandma drank only the juice.

"Now if everybody is ready, we'll show you some sights of the planet Amdnarg." Argus said.

Argus opened the door to a large, balloon bus that did not have any wheels. It flew like a plane but stayed low to the ground. Argus took us to Amdnarg's giant toy factory. Every toy was able to work without batteries.

"Could I have a toy boat to show my friends at home"? I asked.

"Why you most certainly can," Argus replied.

"As I turned to take my toy boat, I heard an eerie sound but didn't see anything.


Suddenly, this giant green plant had taken my toy. Its mouth was tremendous, big enough to swallow a tree.

"Oh no...It is picking-up our bus,” I shouted, “Help, help,” I screamed. This monster plant started shaking our bus as if it were a toy. Argus shouted to the plant to put down the bus.

"He only wants to play," Argus chuckled. "He only looks dangerous."

I was not about to ask that big, green monster plant to give me back my toy.

"There's a wonderful place I must show you," Argus said.

Argus asked that we close our eyes and open them on the count of three.


There was a long silence. Nobody said a word as we looked in awe at the most spectacular place. All of Amdnarg’s children played in a great, big park.

I quickly jumped off the bus and ran toward the playground. It was fantastic. The branches on the trees were made of chocolate from where marshmallows and cotton candy grew. There was a field of shrubs made of cup cakes and popcorn...all you can eat. The flowers sang, and the pond overflowed with pink lemonade...all you can drink. The ducks were friendly and of rainbow colors. The Amdnarg children were feeding the pink ducks jellybeans. There were swings-sets, monkey bars and slides all around me. "Epeeee...ouuuu...eeech..." I suddenly heard a peculiar noise that sounded familiar.

"Oh no, it's that big, ugly plant again and he's coming straight at me."

"HELP...please don't eat me," I screamed.

Luckily, the children of Amdnarg held out some cookies. That was my chance to get away, so I ran as fast as I could. I ran so far that I got lost. I was surrounded by bushes filled with cup cakes and popcorn but that did not make me feel any better. I wanted to go home. I continued to walk. It felt like hours had passed. I was hoping to see some of the Amdnarg children, but I saw no one. I cried out for Grandma repeatedly but she was nowhere around.

"How am I supposed to get home now?"

I was scared, especially of the giant plant. “What if it finds me and eats me?” I thought.

I just kept walking and walking and walking. I got so tired, I decided to rest under this big tree with chocolate covered branches. The grass was so soft; it felt like cotton. I think I will take a short nap before I set out to look for Grandma again. As I drifted off into a deep sleep, I felt a hand gently shake my shoulder.

"Wake up sleepy head."

" did you get here?" I shouted.

"Here?" she asked. "Hurry, you'll miss breakfast."

I looked around and I was in my bedroom. I must have dreamed the whole thing. It was so real. How could this be?

As I pulled back my bed sheets, I heard a crunching sound. I jumped up and saw the remaining cookie crumbs in my bed. As I leaned over for my shoes, I saw a little note sticking out of my shoe. It was from Grandma. The note read, Hope you had fun on our special trip.

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Grandma's Secret Journey  vs  Wreck of the Marie Jenny0 - 1Trailing
Grandma's Secret Journey  vs  One of Those Days0 - 1Trailing
Comments (1):
"Grandmas Secret Journey"was a generic crazy story with a candy land type of thing. You know, the works. 'One of Those Days" is a tale about an unlucky guy who just has an identical briefcase to that of a criminal. The whole plot just runs on a coincidence, which is never a good way to go.
@ Jan 20, 2014, 6:04 PM

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by Virginia 

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